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Time organization

The educational activities time: includes the time dedicated to teaching /learning activities and to training.

Teachers' working time is organized according to the progress of educational activities


The organization of the school time is articulated in this way:


  • 7,30 -  8,00: early welcome for children and opening

  • 9,00 – 11,40: activity

  • 11,40 – 12,30: lunch​;

  • 12,30 -  13,00: free time

  • 13,30 – 15,30: relax;

  • 13,30 – 15,30: section activity for five year old children​;

  • 15,30 –16,00: awakening​;

  • 16,00: afternoon outdoor free play and meeting of parents with the educators;

  • 16,00 – 18,00: after-school.


Organizational choices

They are based on:

  • Flexibility: any scheduled activity can be shaped following the istant needs of the children

  • Formation and updating: teachers keep themselves constantly updated and trained

  • Families' feedback: communication and involvement of the families is fundamental in order to share our educational values and perspectives with them.


1° week: Sardinian gnocchi with ricotta cheese and tomato - Baked ham - Cream of vegetables with small "fischietti" pasta - Roast chicken legs - Supreme butterflies with meat sauce - Potato and cheese pie - Macaroni gratin with zucchini - Roast pork in milk - Vegetable soup with barley - Fish fillets in sauce and peas.

2° week: Cream of carrots with surprises - Pizza in two colors - Yellow rice with pumpkin - Chicken breasts with lemon or scallops - Spaghetti matriciana - Baked potato gateau - Soup of mixed vegetables - Turkey stew fluffy - Starlets with cream of peas - Au gratin baked fish fillets.

3° week: Bermuda grass straw and hay tricolor - Delicate baked omelette - Starlets cheerful in broth – Meatballs - Homemade shell-shaped pasta - Flan legumes - Striped pipettes with butter and cheese - Roasted turkey  - Rice in cream of zucchini - Fish fillets baked.

4° week: Spaghetti with tuna - Mixed Cheese - Vegetables cream with pasta - Baked chicken nuggets - Chifferi with basil - Delicate flan of mixed vegetables - Pureed vegetables with spelled - Red and white pizza - Allegretto risotto with cheese - Au gratin baked fish saltimbocca.

▪VEGETABLES consist of: green salad, peas, savoy cabbage, green beans, tomatoes, beans, spinach, potatoes, carrots, fennel, cabbage, zucchini.

▪The seasonal FRESH FRUIT is represented by: oranges, apricots, strawberries, bananas, pears, kiwi, apples, tangerines, clementines.

▪The SNACKS can be: seasonal fruits (twice a week), bread and jam, crackers, juice with no added sugar, tea with biscuits, bread and dark chocolate.

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